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Odye © is a survivor. He was on his way to his promotion when a crash crashes his plane. Now he needs to stay alive as long as possible until someone misses him.
The forest is dense and full of challenges. Odye © has to survive for many days in hopes of being found by someone.
Fortunately, he has the best resources at his disposal all over the place.
The mysterious forest is full of wild animals and food everywhere. However, there are dangerous wolves and bears that can devour him at any time. Survive is the big motto in this game. Anything can happen and if the player is not smart, he can starve to death, or be attacked by some of the wild animals.

This is a Simulation and survival game. You need to keep the character (player) alive and provide conditions for him to hunt, build and protect himself from climate change. You need to collect as much as you can and keep it in the game's inventory. Click on the object you chose so that it automatically appears in the bottom bar of the inventory. In the sidebar, you can explore other important features where you can build, dress or improve the player. Of course, you'll need to combine resources if you want to build a hut or cook some food, for example.
Inventory, crafting, building, hunting, fighting, a save system are available for you to move forward in your quest to protect Odye ©. You can move the character using the WASD keys or simply clicking on the place where you want the player to go. Important: This is a game created to use Mouse and Keyboard. A controller is not supported.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10


2GHz CPU w. dual-core

Grafik Kartı:

ATI HD 4810 / Nvidia 9600GT or higher