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"Infinite Cube Defense" is a three-dimensional defense game created under the influence of several flash games.

The existing defense genre games had 2D graphics and 3D graphics, but they all had something in common that they eventually faced enemies crawling on the floor.

But "Infinite Cube Defense" will completely break your experiences.

To catch not only distant cubes, but also rain-pouring cubes just above your head, you have to precisely control your mouse to target your enemies or use mini guns, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and even missile launchers and various turrets properly.

Don't be relieved that your enemy dies from a bullet or two.
They become strong so slowly that you can't notice it, but it's a number that can never be ignored.

As long as your computer holds out, infinite pouring cubes are aiming at your head.

Don't panic when you start the game and remember these three things.

1. Trapped in an unknown space and you are alone!

2. Try to survive the longest!

3. Defeat the ever-increasing variety of cubes, collect money, items, and points, and make proper use of your weapons!


-Unlike existing defense games, cubes are created in three dimensions.

-9 unique weapons and tools.

- Monsters that are constantly being created without ending

-The score is automatically saved and the ranking is recorded, so you can enjoy a round easily.

Move: W,A,S,D
Shoot Gun: Mouse Left Click
Change Gun Type: Mouse ScrollWheel or Key Board 1~9
Buy Amo: Q
Zoom In & Out: Left Shift + Mouse ScrollWheel
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Windows 10


intel i3