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Individuland is an adventure-strategy game. The name of the game was originated from two different words: individual & land. As the name reveals, the individual personalities of the characters in the game will affect players’ strategies to deal with the difficulties in the adventures ahead. Town management and the facilities will also play role in the development of the parties.

Game Features:

  • There are 16 Jungian personality types that your game characters have. They are architects, logicians, commanders, debaters, advocates, mediators, protagonists, campaigners, logisticians, defenders, executives, consuls, virtuosos, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers. Meanwhile, you can find or attract a better person with the same personality type therefore the game will include countless unique characters as a result.
    These characters will have different stat weights. They all play role in land management and combat strategies.
  • Characters can be developed; sometimes they are born better according to the town facilities ruled by the player. There might be other attractions to fascinate higher-level adventurers. In addition to these, there are skills, traits, talents, gears, and strategies taking part in the players’ progression.
  • Items in the game are not more important than the personality types or character quality. In other words, items won’t add much if your characters don’t bring the origin of the aforementioned quality. Even the exact same skill performed by the other better character will have a higher effect.
  • The turn-based combat system and time-based land management provide great fun.
  • Choose your characters and gear them up to defeat monsters; Manage your land to attract better characters to live there; teach them skills and cheer them up; choose their jobs and occupations according to your greater plans!
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Windows 10


AMD Athlon X4 | Intel Core i5 4460