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It seems that many stories about Yin and Yang eyes have such a similar beginning......

The protagonist with Yin and Yang eyes, who has lost his memory since childhood, grew up in an orphanage, and a ghost who guides him......

And all this comes from the house where I grew up.

Lost memories, blood stained rooms,

This is the beginning of all tragedies and the end of all fears.

The memory of death is both the end and the beginning.

Solve the riddles one by one, and explore the riddles of your own life experience.


If the game character suddenly cannot move or press B to open the backpack during playing, it is mostly because the game character has been haunted. At this time, meditate: bless me! And forcibly click the upper left corner of the screen to exit the menu, which can remove the ghost upper body.

Some of the puzzles will be in Chinese. Since Chinese is a pictograph, non Chinese users can still solve problems without obstacles.

This is my first steam game.
All music, sound effects, art, UI, programs, distribution and other work are completed independently by myself.
I used to operate wechat puzzle solving official account: exfirebook, and designed some puzzle projects.
The puzzle solving difficulty of this game is not high and the process is not long. If you and I resonate at the same frequency, you can pass the customs quickly in 1 or 2 hours.
Although it is a ghost story, there is basically no dirty scare, so you can have a more reassuring experience, but you still do not advocate that people with heart disease and high blood pressure try it alone.

Have a good time.
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