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Team SolEtude

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- The story -
Homunculus Hotel is a visual novel composed of 6 stories.
In a mysterious hotel in which the rooms show the guests' dreams,
Isabelle is a young woman who spends her days listening to the guests' experiences,
helping them in understanding themselves.
Unable to see her own dream, though, in a moment of distress
she tries to help herself by remembering the most significant moments
she has experienced in the Homunculus Hotel...

- The Hotel -
Here at the Homunculus Hotel every room is a story and we help lost spirits find their way through their past dreams.
We have a special assistance program specifically developed for this purpose:
Dreams? Memories? Unspoken desires?
Unlike the world out there, at Homunculus Hotel nothing is taboo and everyone is accepted.

- What we offer -
A special room that will show your dreams, fears or hidden desires
A helper that will listen to you and take your loneliness away
A hand-picked selection of tracks
Many people to meet and connections to make

- Soundscape of Dreams -
We are very selective when it comes to music,
and we want to offer you the best of the best we can have.
That's why we have a special music program that covers the entire hotel with tracks made by
Kazuhide Yamaji/dip, Eiko Ishibashi and Channel of Dreams.

- Brought to you by -
Rinkaku - Director, Writer, Programmer, Artist
Emma Martinuz - Animator
Gaia Papoila - Character Artist
Lidia Santoemma - UI and Background Artist, Writer
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Windows 10


Intel® Core 2 Duo