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Hero Of War is a platform game where every move must be very well thought out, wasting a single shot can put your entire mission at risk.

What you will find in this game:

- Camera is fixed, each stage is exactly the size of the screen

- The game currently has 3 game modes:

“NORMAL”……….. where the character runs, jumps, collects ammo and shoots at the enemy's arsenal.
“TIME ATTACK”…. where the player races against time to complete each mission.
“SNIPER ZONE”…… in this mode the player has unlimited time to complete the mission, but he always feels like escaping a sniper's sights.

- Weapon recoil has been added to the gameplay and in some cases the player needs to shoot downwards to increase the jump height.

- Currently, the game has 45 stages and 3 boss levels, and a few more are in development.

- Controls are simple, AD moves the character, WS points the weapon up or down,

- Left mouse button fires and right mouse button jumps.

- A PS4 controller was used during the game's development, so if you have one, use it for a better gaming experience.
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Grafik Kartı:

Intel HD Graphics

Depolama Alanı:

180 MB available space