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IKA Games

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This is a walking simulator game where the story takes place in an abandoned school.
You must escape the curse of Hanako and escape alive.
Explore the school and collect the materials left behind to uncover what once happened in this school and find a way to escape.


"Stay away from my alma mater and live far, far away."
"...... or you will die too."
Your father left this world with these words.
But you are curious about the truth of his words, so you step into your father's alma mater.
Without knowing what you might be involved in, you go to .......


Paths that don't lead to the outside, doors that don't open...... you are trapped in a school.
And you are helpless against the vengeful ghost.
Explore the school and find a way to escape alive.

The school is very dark at night.
Use a flashlight to explore your search.
If you are in a building, you may also find a switch to turn on a light.

White icons appear in front of items that can be picked up or examined.
Since they may provide clues to advance the story, be proactive in examining them.
Some events will not occur unless you have certain items in your possession.

There are paths that can be taken by crouching, and places that can be climbed even if it does not seem possible.
Check every nook and cranny so as not to miss any paths you might be able to take.


Hanako is a vengeful ghost.
It's so strong grudge will put you in mortal danger just by approaching it.


There are other ghosts in the school besides Hanako.
These ghosts, who are reenacting their behavior before their death, may be the key to uncovering what once happened at this school.