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Dnovel, Studio2760

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Who is this brave man with a camera overweight diving into the ocean? Isn't he afraid that the water will ruin his technique? "Waterproof," Charlotte would say. This guy is a famous underwater photographer, and he was just about to take a couple of cool new shots. But something went wrong. Definitely something went wrong. If all photo shoots ended like this, then very soon there would be no photographers left in the world at all!

"Green diver" is a hidden object game in which you have to dive to the bottom of the ocean. Explore the psychedelic depths, become a participant in amazing adventures, but don't forget to come back up!

You have never seen such depths of the sea! They even called us in the 70s and asked us to return the art back to them!

Under the thickness of the waters you are waiting for:
  • Bright psychedelic locations.
  • A little crazy story that has absorbed everything from all possible fairy tales about the sea.
  • Music. You can't usually hear it underwater, but we've turned it on for you.
  • Lots of hidden objects! Find them all!
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Windows 7 or later


intel x86 family, 2Ghz