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Important Note: This game is for two players only! There is no single player mode.

You and your friend have been kidnapped by the maniacal Dr. Carlos Sanchez, a well-known professor and scientist, now inflicted by an irreversible condition that causes progressive degeneration. Sanchez brings it upon himself to "educate" his newly-made captives through capital punishment.
Dr. Sanchez brings it upon himself to "educate" his newly-made captives through capital punishment.


One of you managed to escape from the room where you've been trapped (The Fugitive) and now can explore the house. The other remains imprisoned in a room (The Prisoner) with the necessary equipment and information to guide the Fugitive. None of you know where you are or where to go.
Talk to each other through a walkie-talkie to unlock doors, avoid hidden traps and find the exit to escape together without Dr. Sanchez seeing you!

The Fugitive

The Fugitive, whilst running through the house, looks for keys to open doors, evading traps that they cannot see with their eyes; their locations can only be relayed through the Prisoner. They must also avoid Dr. Sanchez, who's going around the house, looking for them.

If he finds the Fugitive, he'll place the Helmet of Motivation upon their head. It has various arms with attached drills, maces and saws that slowly creep to burrow into the Fugitive's head.

The Prisoner

The Prisoner has been confined to a room but has all the information pertaining to the layout of the house thanks to the 5 screens at their disposal. By using that information, the Prisoner must guide the Fugitive and then plan an escape route from Dr. Sanchez’s home.

Modifiers System

Customize your game: make things a little easier or challenge you and your partner further by adding some extra features to alter the base game experience.


  • Have fun trying to overcome obstacles and find your way using spoken communication with your partner as the only tool.
  • Explore the house while avoiding traps and Dr. Sanchez who wanders looking for the pieces for his mysterious experiment.
  • Rescue your friend and escape right from the house where Dr. Sanchez has you captive.
  • Customize your game experience with the modifiers system.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7, 8, 10


Intel Core i3, i5 or better

Grafik Kartı:

AMD Radeon 6670