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The disasters that took place in a rather desolate city secluded had attracted the attention of the military. The military thought that foreign countries were secretly carrying out chemical attacks here. For this reason, they sent a special military team to this region. however, things did not go as planned and everyone on the sent team disappeared.
Now we will try to unravel the secrets through the eyes of someone on the team sent on this mission.

Will you be able to complete this long and difficult challenge?
You will pass through many challenging locations and encounter many challenging enemies. Remember, if a gambler's life is his money, a soldier's life is also his bullet. You will live the darkest days of your life here, but you have no choice, you have to GOING DEEP


Going Deep is a game played with a third-person view.
Going Deep contains action and horror genres.
The game has character customizations and is quite diverse.
there is a lot of monster variation.

Craft System

using different materials you can craft/upgrade weapons, armors, knives, pouches, ammos and more

Story Telling

Storytelling is generally based on in-game texts. Information about the story is obtained by collecting letters, diaries, notes and similar objects written and left by other people.

Console support will be enabled soon (xbox, playstation)

Going Deep is the first game developed by From0. The name From0 indicates that the company was built from 0. Going Deep was put on the market without a budget.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


i5 4460

Grafik Kartı:

gtx 1050