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Moist Dog studio

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GODUMAS is a first-person survival horror co-op.
Explore the strange island solo or with a team, solve location based puzzles and find a way to escape. Communicate with your friends using in-game voice chat, but remember to talk quietly because who knows who will hear you. Avoid the local inhabitants that will try to hunt and sacrifice you.

Gameplay features:

  • Co-op: Play with up to 4 friends, explore the island and find a way to escape;
  • Proximity voice chat: Communicate with your friend using ingame chat, but remember to whisper because enemies can hear you;
  • Replayability: Over 500 unique item spawn locations, so every game feels different;
  • Customizable gameplay difficulty: Play how you wanna play;
  • Enemies with unique behaviors: 4 enemy types that have different ways that they attack you;
  • Scalable difficulty: More players equals more enemies, more items, more treasure, more fun;
  • Stealth: Sometimes it’s better to avoid enemies;
  • No hand holding: Map does not show your location, so get your bearings using POIs and other landmarks;


    Escape the island using one of two routes. Collect items to open their specific exits.
    Hints have useful information about locations of exits and useful items. The information on them is only visible to players who picked it up.
    Enemies will try to stop you from escaping. You can ward them off using a flashlight or a special amulet.
    You can sneak to avoid enemies detecting you, distract them by throwing stones or hide in bushes and hope that they leave.
    When you are hurt you can’t move, but if you or a friend has a healing syringe you can be healed. You can also be sacrificed and become a ghost. As a ghost your job is not over. You can help your team to escape, search for items, etc… or not.


    One night out partying your group of friends bump into a strange guy in your local city port bar. After buying him a few drinks, he starts telling stories. One of those stories was about a rich isolated island where he once lived, but a horrible event took place one night and he had to run for his life. No one believed him. After some harassing and name calling the stranger would reveal the location of the mysterious island. Of course, the smartest decision was to get on your dad’s boat and visit the island. Near the mysterious island everything goes south when the ship sails into a storm. You and your friends are transported to the mysterious island. The boat is no longer seaworthy and at first sight, it looks like you are stranded for the time being. After moving more inland you understand that something is very wrong with this place. It looks like it is infested with strange humanoid creatures and cultist types.
    The island that was once an isolated, but bustling religious land with villages, shops, local mining and lumber industry, now stands abandoned and forgotten with strange creatures and occult members running around.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10 64bit


Intel Core i3 2nd Gen / AMD Ryzen 3nd Gen

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GTX 950 / AMD Radeon RX 470