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Generic RPG #777
(The game Redaxium 2.)

You only have 6 days to appease God through sacrifices at Divine Shrines or God kills you.
Find a way to break this cycle by earning enough points to win the game.

Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue/Anxiety/Adrenaline all matter!

Full day/night cycle inculded.

Combat is Turn-Based. Level up to unlock more powerful skills.
Customize your character to be effective at what you desire.

Full Features Breakdown:
Many large terrains to explore with unique abstract textures.

-Turn Based Combat. Multiple enemies can be fought at once.
-External Combat. Use special External Weapons that allow you to inflict damage or gain advantage
prior to Turn Based.
-Very detailed activity log.
It outputs as much information as possible about everything you do for your viewing.
-Night/Day system linked to survival stat effects.
-Ability to freely pass time into the future (provided you aren't under too many negative effects)
-Mining, digging, fishing, and farming!
All offer ways to get certain items more easily.
-Customize your name, picture, description, and age!
-Choose hardcore mode. (dying with this invalidates your save so you can't cheat!)
-Or choose resurrection mode so you respawn and don't need to reload a save due to death.
-Fight many handcrafted monsters
-Humanoid npcs for talking/chatting to.
-Many stats/attributes, including things like Sight & Stealth!
-Skills for both roleplaying and battle.
(Like Analyze, Gambling, Steal, Explosives etc.)
-Variety of build-types possible like Melee, Elemental, or just plain Weapon user.
-Recruitable and Customizable Companions
-Equip the weapon/armors you desire.
-Handy interaction menu allowing you to interact with most things how you want.
-80+ Random encounters
-A couple randomized mission providers
-And more!
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