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1. Introduction:
Gem tower defense is different from general tower defense games. The map of gem tower defense is extremely open and free. Players need to constantly plan and build labyrinths to delay the advance of waves of monsters hitting the fortress. Well-planned firepower is also essential. Rely on the powerful attack ability of different gem combinations to destroy the monsters who "please enter the urn" and successfully defend your fortress.
2. Basic gameplay operation:
Challenge several waves of invaders, with increasing blood volume and increasing difficulty.
1. Place 5 random gems in each wave, choose one of them to stay after the placement is over, the other gems will be turned into stones, which can be used as a maze.
2. If 2 of the 5 gems placed are the same, you can upgrade a gem with a higher level, and if there are 4 identical gems, you can upgrade a gem with a higher level of 2.
3. If any of the 5 gems placed this time directly meet the special synthesis, click any of the gems to perform the special synthesis.
4. After the placement is over, if there are gems on the map that meet the special synthesis requirements, click any of the gems to perform special synthesis.
5. After the placement is over, select the reserved gems to perform downgrade operations to facilitate the synthesis of special gems.
6. Press the space bar to quickly place and retain.
Third, the type attribute of the tower:
1. Basic tower: It is the tower that can appear in each round, divided into eight types and six levels
2. Synthesis tower: a tower that can only be synthesized by formula
3. Stone slabs: Towers that can only be synthesized through recipes (can only be placed and synthesized this time)
4. Star tower: obtained by super-synthesis of the same gems after reservation (the highest three-star, cannot participate in the synthesis)
5. Evolution Tower: The synthesized gems evolve by consuming gold coins (with the highest level and more than one line evolution)
4、 Promotional activities
Four, Promotional activities:
Steam new users can get 1000 diamond gift packs and send emails to: [email protected] , you can receive the reply of the newcomer's gift bag code. The email should indicate from steam and steam's user name.
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