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1f1n1ty, RedTigerPro

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Gem Setter is a block sliding puzzle game about moving ice in an abstract world. In each level, reach the goal by sliding from wall to wall, connecting and disconnecting from ice blocks to change your shape. These blocks enable a wide range of puzzling scenarios, allowing you to navigate odd spaces, avoid traps, and open new pathways.

You'll explore an elegantly designed set of over 70 levels, which explore a variety of unique interactions made possible by the game's ice mechanics. Once you've mastered them, you can create your own puzzles with the built-in level editor and upload them to the cloud to challenge your friends. What sort of fun contraptions and creations will you come up with?

To compliment the simple but rich mechanics, Gem Setter features a clean, colorful visual style and a smooth, enveloping soundtrack that will carry you all the way to chillville.

Gem Setter is the perfect puzzle game for when you need a relaxing, cute experience to ease yourself out of a nice day, or a deeper, hand-crafted challenge to give your mind a workout, or even an unusual creative outlet to express your ideas.
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Windows 7


2.0 Ghz