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Studio Baby

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Studio Baby (1 person studio) , welcome you to the Universe of Galaxy Citizen – studio most ambitious open-world game .

Galaxy Citizen tells the story of Alien Sophie (Girl) and Niku (baby girl) and their Battle against the Empire during the Dark Age in the Galaxy.

Key Features:

Hauntingly beautiful vistas and locations - Never seen before in your entire life

Freedom and Liberty -Do whatever you want in a massive open world with hundreds of locations.

Elements of an RPG – Players will obtain a variety of weapon types.

Creature - Ability to ride and fly alien creatures.

Planets- 21+ aliens planets (levels) to explore .

Galactic Map- Simple Galactic Map for easy teleportation to planets (levels) or maps.Play in linear or non linear manner.

Teleportation Tower - Simple Teleportation Tower for Progress.

Story and Characters – Galaxy Citizen tells the story of Alien Sophie (girl) and Niku (baby girl).

Action-Packed Battles – Players will switch between using melee and ranged attacks in battle against hordes of enemies and challenging bosses across a variety of open field maps,you can use special attack.

Great Soundtrack- Game has incredible orchestral and Electronic music.

Action -One man army actions in some levels

Galactic wiki - helps in understanding galaxy citizen world

E- Everyone rating ,Developed Based on Everyone rating only. Current Rating ID 185fd161-f0ef-49f2-9523-f945d233986d

No Blood- Game does not include any Blood,and no female sexualized character.

Gender and Ethnicity,environmentalism - you play as girl, green (alien) girl (metaphor for different race & environmentalism)
planets submerged under water metaphor for global warming

Story - Protect your sibling ,take her to the safest place in the galaxy

Galaxy is suffering from Dark age,where life is cheap,there is no economy and culture.

Tantord - Tantord is planet where green people lives.
Terminus-Emperor has lost war at planet terminus..

Emperor Rules
1. Green people should be punished.
2.Women are not allowed to come outside houses.
3.Practice of Science is illegal.
4.Forest should be Burn .
5.Different Genders should be punished.
6. More Rules Etc (promote dark age in the galaxy)

Life mission - Fight against the emperor non-senses.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Window 10 or later


i3 1.60 GHz or similar

Grafik Kartı:

GeForce GT 710