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♂️Gachi Bird ♂️ is the first game from ♂️Gachi Master ♂️, promising to be one of the most fun games in this century. Classic gameplay, arcade game featuring ♂️Billy Herrington ♂️and his friends flying through obstacles in three dimensions: Hell, Heaven and Gym.
For now, game includes:
    Three game modes:
  • Endless mode - medium difficulty, Gym, each 4 lockers - you get one of many random ♂️ memes ♂️, write down the first time you laughed XDDDDD.
  • Hell mode - play as a ♂️ Spider Demon Bat Van Darkholme ♂️ in a very hard game mode , be aware of possible seizure!!! (if you get more than 69 you become officially ♂️ Chad ♂️).
  • Heaven mode - play as a ♂️Golden Angel Billy Herrington ♂️ , take him through the Heaven Gates, listening to one of the most sentimental things a grown man can say to another grown ♂️dead ♂️man.
  • Money system - playing Endless mode is going to make you some ♂️ bucks ♂️, which you will be able to spend in in game store on more then 100 bird and wing combinations !!!!!!
  • Top level graphics - my grandfather cried twice when he saw such a beautiful game.
  • Easily understandable gameplay, based on classics - ♀️♂️☭ - everyone will enjoy it.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


2.5 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Direct X9.0c Compatible Card