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Somewhere far away from here is a planet and it's ten lighting years away. An abandoned place with a name barely known to a few people has been used to produce mysterious robots with unusual abilities. Their implanted algorithm gives them a possibility of a fast clone and an adaptation of some human behaviors.
Every day there are more of them and they are becoming more powerful.
Their constant observation of every citizen of our planet lets them adapt their behaviors to finally go a complete army in a direction to the Earth with an excellent strategy.

Start to discover an unknown to experience an amazing fight over the control of a mysterious land. Examine the whole story from the beginning to the end in some levels of an interesting adventure.

3D third-person shooter game. Control a tank using a keyboard and mouse. Go through various maps and destroy bots on your way. Fight with two main bosses on your path to complete the game.

- Adventure story
- Collecting items
- Driving a tank
- Destroying bots
- Easy control
- Fighting
- Shooter game genre