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Hey, you there! Have you ever wanted to live off the land with a bunch of other antro animals and dragons that also live off the land? By this, we mean living on a farm. Tending to crops. Crafting tools.

The island of Roanoake is a small, quaint farming community that has recently been swept up in the king's war effort. Crops and weaponry are needed to provide the troops with food and a way to fight the enemy. Many on the island feel that this is an impairment on their way of life, and many feel that it is not. Can you navigate this sea of discomfort in order to make the island of Roanoake prosperous once more?

A visual novel format with choices per scene. Not every choice will lead to massive change, but it will determine your friendship levels with each individual that you spend time with. Part Adventure, part Dating Sim.

  • A cast of multiple colorful characters, with their own lives, hopes, and dreams. Each day, interact with 8 different people to learn more about the world and those that live in it.
  • A chance to change those around you via your talks with them - will you leave this world for better or worse?
  • Daily activities such as farming and fishing!
  • Want to date a Capybara? You can do that.
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