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Fox Goes Hunting is a combination Shooter and Action-Adventure game where the player is the hungry fox that needs to hunt food (Chickens, Rabbits, etc.). There are large predators (Bears, Wolves, etc.) that the fox must shoot using bullets that are earned as rewards.

The early levels are quite simple to teach the player the game mechanics (using the map, shooting predators, moving around the landscape) and are easy to play. The score for each level is based on how quickly the player completes that level and how many animals are in it. The player can go back to any level to replay it to try for a higher score and/or to earn additional bullets for use in higher levels.

As the player completes levels and advances, there are more and different animals (both target food and large predators), and both types of animals move faster.

The player shoots predators using bullets earned by completing earlier levels, and/or by finding and collecting spinning reward coins.
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1 GHz or faster

Grafik Kartı:

DirectX-9 or higher