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A side-scrolling power-up shooter with an 80s-90s flavor is coming to steam!

FORTRESS, the guardian of the planet Liath, has been taken over by an unknown enemy and is now under their control. "Infiltrate FORTRESS and destroy the enemies that await you at the deepest level!

[Game Contents]
Defeat the enemies that appear one after another, dodge the terrain traps and numerous attacks, and aim for the boss that lurks in the depths of the stage. There are 8 stages in total.

This game allows you to enjoy the best part of side-scrolling shooters, terrain capture and shooting , avoidance. You can choose from three types of equipment for your ship, and enjoy different strategies for each.

The game's resurrection system makes the game more difficult, but by using the invincibility time that occurs when you acquire items and resurrect after making a mistake, you can pave your way.

The game has a variety of stages with different characteristics. The high quality BGM and sound effects that color the game are also worth a listen!

[Other Benefits]
As you complete the game, several features will be unlocked, allowing you to play in different ways.
In addition to normal play, a high score mode has been implemented to compete for points until two stages are cleared. You can experience the thrill of another dimension.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows7(SP1 or later), Windows 8, Windows10 or later


x86 or x64(SSE2 supported), 1.6GHz or higher