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Forest Kingdom Players will adventure with a mysterious forest dweller who lives alone in the forest. until he meets a traveler who teaches him survival including how to build and develop the village to be bigger To prepare for the upcoming war between 3 clans: knights, savages, and sorcerers. They have different goals and aspirations. have to compete with each other to expand their territory Players can build good relationships between clans to increase their wealth. including the development of different aspects in each tribe Increasing one tribe's relationship will have a negative impact on the relationship of another tribe. Players can opt out of joining any faction for supremacy. So think carefully before making a decision!!

Current system :
- Collect resources Including various ores to upgrade equipment to a higher level.
- Weapon enhancement system and randomly develop weapons of each tribe Each weapon clan has its own defeat, in which the knight defeats the magic user. The magic user defeated the savage. and the savage defeated the knight Choose your weapon wisely before fighting other clans.
- Bring resources to exchange with villagers The more scarce the resource, the more expensive it is.
- Upgrade the village
- Various maps There is a boss on that map.
- The story of the protagonist and the war between the tribes to follow
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 (64bit)


แรม 4 GB

Grafik Kartı:

GeForce GTX 630