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Chimney Castle

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Embark on an epic odyssey through prehistory, set at the age of the dawn of man, to reclaim a land conquered by beasts... and die trying. Explore the primitive wilds and ancient wonders of a multi-layered, interconnected world. Outfit yourself to do battle against primeval terrors with exacting combat certain to test your resolve.

"Fire in the Beastlands" is a 2D sidescrolling action-RPG inspired by the many great adventures of an all-but-forgotten past generation of games.
Produced and developed by one man, my promise is to deliver an engaging, challenging, and meaningful journey through the wonders and dangers of a largely under-utilized, seldom-seen prehistoric fantasy - a full-blown allegorical imagining of the struggles of early man discovering his place in the world, and the world discovering the resolve of man.

Key Features:
* DISCOVER: A unique and fantastical setting to discover, staged at the age of the dawn of man.
* EXPLORE: Explore a harrowing variety of environs, including ancient civilizations, tribal villages, caves, sacred sites, shallow seas, mountains, swamps, jungles, and more...
* STORY: A highly-thematic allegorical story and mature adventure, fraught with challenges and grim realities.
* WORLD: A meticulously hand-crafted, interconnected world, dripping with secrets, shortcuts, and ancient lore.
* ART: Hand-drawn designs and fully hand-crafted environments, FREE from tilesets. Completely unique backgrounds with NO TWO SCREENS the same!
* ANIMATION: High frame count animations running at 60 FPS ensure smooth movement and fluid combat, and gives you a fair read on your opponents' every move.
* SOUND: Soaring original soundtrack that captures the mystery and wonder of the past. Hard-hitting sound effects that portray the brutality of the flesh.
* COMBAT: Heavy, measured combat against prehistoric monstrosities. Face-off in decisive boss battles against champions, giants, and wondrous beasts.
* LOOT: Dozens and dozens of weapons, armor, shields, charms, masks, and spirit powers to discover and utilize.
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Intel Core i7

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AMD R9 370