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What if a powerful wizard wanted to build a zoo for all kinds of different fantasy animals? In Fantasy Zoo you can build your own zoo for all kinds of different creatures. Instead of normal animals like elephants or lions fill your zoo with monsters like dragons and griffons.

Animals need right kind of environment for their enclosure. They have needs like food and sleep witch need to be taken care of. Since some fantasy animals are dangerous you need to make their enclosures strong enough so they wont escape by building strong walls or blocking their access to weak walls with barricades or other objects.
Guests give you money when coming to zoo and they want to buy food and drinks, unhappy guests leave zoo.
There are spell that function as basic tools like undo, delete and move.
Workers fill food containers, heal damaged animals and attack escaped ones.

Current content and features.
9 animals with 4 different environments.
Freeform game play with different starting money and map size.