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Famished zombies: Decisive extermination is a single/multiplayer third-person survival shooter and this is the Alpha version of the game, we will continue to develop this game in the future.

Hello again my friend,
I remember when all started 5 years ago from the Cixot inc. Laboratory when experiment Evila began to spread and infecting all the world. Since that day my life was changed radically, I was one of the luckiest who survived. Evila now is dominating all the world. This experiment is a mutated fungus parasite that like to take control to his body-host and the organism begin to be a Zombie. Today is another day of surviving, I will resist until I return to normal life where I will live not survive.
But first I will need to train to be the best of myself.

Sometimes is also happen that I meet someone alive with the same goal, in these moments the survival rate is higher than when I am alone.

The player(s) will need to kill enough zombies for growing up the level.
For each level-up will be upgraded the player health and unlocked new maps.

But you know when you are ready for the next wave and you are out of ammo or the weapon is not powerful to kill a dozen of zombie in that time my friend it's time to run and to find packages with ammo or magazines were I can find the certain weapon to deal with that wave.

While playing in all maps you can find:
  • Packages with ammo(will full your ammo)
  • Magazines were will give you a random weapon for points from your score
  • Traps for zombies and for player(s)
  • Bosses zombie harder than normal one

My mission will start at the cemetery
In the game there are 8 different maps, the first unlocked map is Bloody Cemetery.
I hope you will be there
I will wait for you!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


3GHz 4-Core

Grafik Kartı:

NVidia GTX1060 or AMD RX580 or equivalent