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■Let's let the nurse lady heal you..

You're in the hospital and it's time to ejaculate again today.
You're in a hospital, and it's time to ejaculate.

There are six scenes in this movie.
Lying down on the bed.
Hand job on the player
Thigh job
Hand job while lying on the bed
Sitting in a chair
Hand job while squatting and looking up
Hand job while sitting in the middle of the room, face to face
Foot job sitting on the bed
Sitting on the bed in front of you.

Electric masturbation support.

Works with Buttpulg compatible devices.
Connection is done automatically.
You can check if the device is connected or not.
You can check if a device is connected by increasing or decreasing the number of connected electric masturbation devices in the menu screen.

We have already confirmed that it works with the A10 Cyclone SA.
For other devices, please play the demo version and check.

PC desktop, PCVR support.

You can also play on a PC monitor.
PCVR support.


This title
The characters themselves will talk to the player.
The player can answer by shaking their head, and
The character's movements are transmitted through the controller.
The game is designed with an emphasis on realism.
This is a completely passive game, so there is no inversion.

Support for VR's head-shaking gestures
You can answer the lady's questions by shaking your head.
Shake your head vertically for "yes" and horizontally for "no".
You can also answer from the controller.

VR Controller Vibration Function
The controller vibrates in response to the lady's movements.
You can choose whether you want the controller to vibrate to one side or both sides in the settings.

Full Voice
You can choose to vibrate one side or both sides by setting.
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AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660