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It takes the joy of Escape Rooms into a casual and joyful experience.
Resolving riddles, getting clues and cracked puzzles have never been so fun and cheerful.

Why this game is so cool?
Escape Room Academy presents the Escape Room genre with friendly and easy-to-catch mechanics. Each room has its own quest, and to solve it you are provided with two
decks of cards(Clues and Locks cards) and a room view. As you progress resolving puzzles new cards will be available, until you resolve the quest or you run out of time...

But this is not all, the Academy will keep a record of how you perform solving puzzles and it will create a profile about your escaper skills. What type of escapist you will be?

  • 5 Rooms ready to jump in with different stories, riddles, and puzzles
  • Profile Stats system: it analyzes how you solve the puzzles and it tells you how good you are in different brain areas.
  • Progression system: level up as you escape rooms
  • Avatar system: customize your avatar

  • Victorian Room: Find the secret family inheritance diamonds before the room gets sold out!
  • Egipcian Room: Get into the Pharaoh Tumb and gets the Pharaoh´s treasure before it collapses!
  • Tim Room: Tim has disappeared, let´s see what we found out in his room!
  • Fortune Teller Room: A spell has gone wrong and we need to find the solution before the curse is completed!
  • The Pirate Chamber: Let´s find the captain pirate treasure before he is back!
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 (SP1+)


x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.


512 MB RAM