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Welcome To Your New Life

In the near future, Earth Online (E-ON) is the world’s most popular social media metaverse. Users are able to log in with their verified E-ON headsets and Be Who They Really Are. Spend your entire day in E-ON- attending business meetings and working “on-site” in Business Zones, or hanging out with friends across Casual Zones built by other E-ON users. The fun doesn’t end when you go to sleep! E-ON’s patented Avatar Intelligence system analyzes how you behave when you’re logged in. Once you log off, your A.R., Artificial Replicae, will continue to chat, play games, and expand your E-ON presence.

For unverified guest users such as yourself, E-ON will match you with a random user to chat with. Develop a friendship, explore the platform, and find out why E-ON will be your new home away from home.


E-ON is a narrative-focused “social media exploration” game, inspired by Serial Experiments Lain and the optimistic vision of the internet during the early 2000’s. Re-experience the thrill of navigating an unfamiliar platform for the first time as you learn the tricks and features of Earth Online. However, as an “unverified user”, players can only interact with a limited slice of the platform. By working together with Ellie, the A.R. you are matched with, players will stretch the limits of their account and learn about Ellie and the world she has made her home.

  • Experience a vision of our near future
  • Connect with Ellie through hundreds of lines of dialogue.
  • Uncover the truth around the world of E-ON, the company that made it, and the platform itself.
  • Relax and rest to ambient music by independent musicians around the globe, featuring original music by Don Sonder.
  • Unlock features that expand the platform and provide new avenues of discussion with Ellie.

E-ON is the first game by Marcel Oyuela-Bonzani. Estimated playtime of around 1 Hour 30 Minutes.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11


Intel i5-8250U or better

Grafik Kartı:

NVidia GTX1050 or equivalent