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E-circle is a TV series-like 2D game that contains two-part in every stage
Experience a story that contains different characters first
and then control the character to accomplish the mission
in every "stage" 's first part, you can feel like it is an "episode" from a TV series
in the second part, it is an 8-directions action game mainly
the whole game is not completed yet, but I would update new content once a month
WASD: move
J: attack
Space: keep the dialog going / dash

++Some features++
==8 Direction movement==
==Change weapons during battle(In progress)==
==A tv show(or anime?)-like game stage, you can treat every stage as an episode, it would be great if you can feel like you're watching a show==
==No any music now, I am trying to learn, but at least every art is done by me ==
==There is only me to develop this game, and I can't guarantee the quality, if you have any suggestions, welcome to suggest==
==I really can't come up with more features==
==At least she is adorable, right? (Self-praise)==

==I will learn more technic to improve my game, you can expect : ) ==