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Hot Seat, Ltd

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You've defeated the dragon, so now it's time to gather the spoils! Unfortunately for you, the dungeon floor gives out beneath your feet, revealing a bottomless (?) cavern. Now there's nothing to do but fall and dodge, so you might as well get rich while you do it.

Gather treasure, which you can spend on unlocking characters. Each character has a unique ability, from dodging to straight up mitosis. Find your favorite!

Basic gameplay involves using A/D or Left/Right arrows to maneuver your character around obstacles as they rush towards you. Guide your character into coins and other valuable power-ups.

Character Descriptions
  • Gel the Knight is your default character; they have no abilities to speak of
  • Dash the Goblin can dodge left or right by double tapping
  • Blinx the Ghost can warp through walls to get out of trouble
  • Flo the Mage can travel vertically and horizontally, allowing for full mobility
  • Uz the Gelatinous Cube splits into two smaller cubes upon the first impact. Each cube is controlled separately with A/D or Left/Right arrows
  • Bloody McBlood can leap forward by double tapping S or Down arrow. Hazards fly by safely behind them while leaping.

Power-up Descriptions
  • Gain the ability to temporarily suck up coins around your character without having to directly hit them
  • Temporarily slow down time, making it easier to dodge traps
  • Pick up a valuable ring worth 25 coins
  • Temporarily double the value of all coins, even the ring!

A variety of hazards await you in the endless cavern. Avoid dangerous spike traps, skeleton archers, fireball-throwing demons, giant eye balls (that shoot lasers, of course), among other things.
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