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Dueledged is a fast paced, 4 player couch party styled brawler, where a single hit from your enemy's sword is enough to take you down. Matches are fast and hectic, but the controls are simple and responsive, making it easy to introduce to your friends.

Master powerful relics to give you the strategic advantage. Each grants you a new and useful skill, but you can't have more than one at a time so choose wisely!

Duel with up to 4 friends, or against AI bots, either in a free for all frenzy or in teams. The teams in Dueledged are broken up by faction, competing groups from within the world of the Archipelago.

Play as a commando in the Army, outfitted with all the best tactical gear and an action hero styled attitude. Or side with the Church, and play as a Demonhunter, tasked with the duty of protecting the Archipelago from supernatural threats. Even play as a Demon yourself, and reclaim your ancestral homeland from the greedy monkeys and humans. Better yet, choose to play as a Mercenary, and align yourself with any of the other factions.

Duel across 10 different locations in the Archipelago, the tropical fantasy world that Dueledged takes place in.

Customize your champion to your heart's content, with 100+ unlockable cosmetic items, and 1000s of combinations.
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Windows 7 or newer