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No air control.
No Nitrous.
No Brake Assist.
No Nonsense.

Drift Type C is a Real Physics Driving Game. Drive 50+ real spec cars right from the factory, with exact specifications and a detailed handling model accounting for everything from power to weight to differential setup to factory tire compound and alignment settings.

Oh, side note. You’ll be using these uncompromised sim cars to visit the Time Realm and meet the God of Time, who needs your help. Defeat 13 Warriors and 13 Ghosts to free Him.

Do Lots of Stuff

Off-roading. Multi-stage rally races. Dorifuto Batadu. Drive on trays. Flagging. Deliver tofu. DIY Space Gymkhana. Text while driving. Drive a bus for some reason. Drive in daytime or night through assorted weather conditions. Visit nine biomes and an alternate Realm with different air density affecting aerodynamics. And so many jumps!

Big world. Really big.

Drift Type C is a curated experience in an infinite, hybrid-procedurally generated world. That means the 100+ miles of road were hand-built for the best driving experience. The cities were all built in-game and events all developed for the best gameplay. Yet, you could travel thousands of miles through beautiful terrain in any direction before….. Actually I don’t know what happens when you go too far.

Drifting Games: The Problem

Behold the HYPERVESICLE, a gift from the God of Time. Drifting is generally slower compared to other driving styles, so to get the best time, you couldn’t drift… which is boring. Points-based systems are too complicated in some ways, too simple in others, and always too easy to exploit. Many drifting games solve this problem by altering the vehicle physics so that drifting is actually faster, but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? But when sliding sideways in Drift Type C, the Hypervesicle slows the race timer without altering the true-to-life physics in any way. Master it, and set a two second lap time in a two minute race.

Creative Mode

Everything you see here was built in-game. Build your own roads, cities, and events. Deploy over 1000 prefabs. Apply over 20 terrain surfaces with their own particle and skid effects and traction profiles.

The main character: The Track

There's a perfect segment for every car. A left you can cut, a right sweeper, and just a moment with all four wheels off the ground. There's a flow… a balance… and you have to carry the inertia just right the whole time. Mess it up, and there's always a catastrophic crash. But if you go flat out and get it perfect, it's the most rewarding moment in gaming. Most AAA racing games with dozens of tracks have five or six of these. Drift Type C has about thirty. That's because the roads are all organic, built as the procedurally generated terrain demands just like real mountain roads.


We have real, organic progression. Behold our four-car mystery spinner, where you unlock new cars by completing events instead of by paying real money - a novel invention from the 1990s that has since been replaced in other games by trying to get more out of you.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7,8,10,11


Intel Core i3-4160 or AMD FX-6100

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia GTX 550-Ti / AMD Comparable

Depolama Alanı:

8 GB available space