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**This game is in Early Access(I just forgot to the check the box and it's too late to change, I am sorry for the mistake.)**
One day, you receive a letter in the mail. The King of the Dragon Kingdom requests that you come to the country to help the kingdom get through a famine. This small kingdom was unable to find a person to man the farm due to the lack of skills. They need you to come to the country and will give you a plot of land to grow crops as a service to the country.

Maintain your farm! Raise animals, grow crops, and clear the farm to make an organized space to become your very own.

Create your ideal layout! Buy buildings to increase the number of animals you can have. You can buy a bigger farm house too!

Better Tools! Use the money from mining and farming to make better tools. These tools make everyday life easier.

Explore the Mines! Find materials and monsters in the newly discovered mine. The space expands the further you go down, allowing you to traverse as long
as you’d like.

Spend as long as you want fishing. With 33 fish (across 4 rarity types) to catch, you will have to try hard to catch them all.

Free Content Updates! Relationships, Item crafting, and more are planned updates.

**Please send any bugs found to [email protected] and we will begin working on them as soon as possible!**
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10



Grafik Kartı:

256 mb video memory