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In a futuristic world led by dragons, Draco stands above everyone else as the most powerful being on Earth, but contenders have risen up to defeat him!

DracoFighter is a solo-developed 2D fighting game with a focus on accessibility and local multiplayer, with movesets that are easy to learn but harder to master. The game has no complex inputs, no special cancels, a simple juggle system that restricts long combos, and straightforward fighting mechanics, making it perfect for fighting game newcomers! Each character is original and hand-animated from scratch, with unique movesets and personalities explored through both the story and gameplay.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode - Learn about each of the 4 main characters and put together the mystery of the time machine!
  • VS Mode - Battle a friend or a CPU in a classic 1v1 match
  • Survival Mode - Fight an endless number of enemies on a single health bar!
  • Combo Trials - Challenge yourself with personalized character combo trials
  • Practice Mode - View the frame data of your moves on hit and on block while practicing combos on a dummy
  • Divekick Mode - Use Draco's divekick to reenact one of the greatest fighting games ever created

Gameplay Features

  • Easy Controls - 2 buttons and directions are all you need to access your character's whole moveset
  • Unique Movesets - Every character has a unique personality with different strengths and weaknesses that define them
  • Simple Combo System - Juggle opponents in the air with short, simple combos that can be adapted based on the situation
  • Local Multiplayer - Play against a friend on the same keyboard, with custom keybinding available. Controller support is also included!
  • Combat Depth - Outplay opponents through proper knowledge of mindgames and punishes
  • Secret Characters - ...?