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Help your character to go thru his rough day at work to reach a desired outcome.

This is a game like you have never played before, where every choice you make have a different outcome and leads towards one of the few possible endings.

Enter to the characters mind and make decisions. Choose a path guided by a visual and audio guidance. Every decision matters and is leading to a different outcome which can be: a manipulative, balanced or violent.

The game is story rich and is played like interactive movie/adventure game.

The game is based on psychology/philosophy with purpose to teach about thoughts and their consequences with morality in mind.

Choose different paths representing different thoughts. Secure the decision by collecting the sphere representing your choice. Former decisions can be looked back on by entering Inventory.

The game has an auto-save which saves upon completion of each level and in-game menu save which can be used as much as player has access to in-game menu.

The games completion takes approximately up to one hour from start to finish, but because of its open ended structure, this game has a high replayability value and a completionist who is wiling to try out all the possible outcomes, could take up to 12 hours to experience all the possible scenarios.

Main characters destiny is in your hands, but are you going to make the right choices? It is only up to you!

We want to make more games based on morality of choices, but we need your support by buying the game and giving moral reviews. Thank you.
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windows 10


8 core

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8 GB