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DIMENSIONAL SLAUGHTER is a Fast-Paced Movement Shooter that takes the best parts of what makes both modern and retro shooters such as DOOM ETERNAL and QUAKE fun, then sticks them in a blender with fast paced (pseudo) Rogue-Like progression and Perma-Death,
leaving for an even more intense experience with absolutely NO space for filler.

In DIMENSIONAL SLAUGHTER gameplay is put first and foremost. No intrusive story, you hop right into the combat and learn the ropes as you go.

  • Kill enemies to heal in the brutal, fast-paced combat, and also gain points which are needed to access the next level
  • Obliterate them using an expanding set of incredibly destructive weapons
  • On the harder difficulties, you are ALWAYS losing health, so your only way to survive is to KEEP KILLING!

    TRAVERSE DIMENSIONS with your insane movement abilities and MOW HORDES OF YOUR ENEMIES DOWN TO SHREDS in hopes that you may someday return home.
    • Each Dimension introduces new enemies, each with its own behavior, so they all add something new to the combat
    • But don't worry! Each Dimension also comes with a new weapon specifically tailored for TEARING THEM TO SHREDS!.
    • The level layouts are randomly chosen, and so are the enemy waves, along with the first dimension of each run. This (pseudo) Rogue-Like level system means you are going to have a real hard time getting used to the arena design, so you better git gud.

    The game also has:
  • Cool retro graphics except hand drawn by an INCREDIBLY muscular and very handsome gentleman
  • Lore that is stored mostly in the manual and environments for a gameplay-centric experience
  • Enemy infighting
  • An Electrified Fist
  • Secrets that will eventually be used to unlock the true ending
  • 25+ levels (more being added with each Dimension), including secret levels.
..and MORE!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 64-bit or later


2.4GHZ Dual Core Processor Or Higher

Grafik Kartı:

GeForce 9800GT Or Equivalent

Depolama Alanı:

3 GB available space