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Deus Novum is the god game you've been waiting for. Cast miracles with the power of your villager's prayer, train your creature to behave or misbehave, build elaborate villages, and fight back against the forces of evil.

You are a new god born into a two worlds. In the world of the gods, your being lives while in the world of the mortals lies your creature, your avatar and your crystal, your connection to the world of man. You are not the only god remaining, for a god cannot be killed. However, all of the other gods have long since lost their connection to the mortal world at the hands of evil. With their guidance, it's up to you to take back the world for humanity one island at a time!

Convert villages to gain skill points which can be used to unlock miracles!

  • Start each island with one village and expand to control the entire map!
  • Convert human villages by impressing them or "removing" them.
  • Destroy evil villages and take them over to create new human villages.
  • Watch out! Evil villagers will try to take your village from you if you look weak.

Cast powerful miracles and teach them to your creature!

  • Storm, Fireball, Lightning, Summon Lava Golem, and many more miracles are waiting to be unlocked!
  • Gain power to cast miracles by having villagers worship you or by sacrificing flora, fauna, or even your villagers.
  • Teach your creature to cast miracles. By watching you cast miracles, your creature will slowly learn how to cast the miracle.

Choose your creature!

  • Choose between Ape, Panther, Turtle and Bear.
  • Select their skin/fur and eye colors!
  • Each creature has a different personality.

Train your creature!

  • Your creature starts out clueless, but they can learn! By watching your behavior and reinforcing their behavior with pets or punishment, your creature will learn how they should interact with the world. Train your creature to eat goblins, cast miracles, help your villagers, and more!
  • With the leash, you can take direct control of your creature and command him to move, pick things up, or fight.

Visit three islands and take them back for humanity!

  • Orsus: The island of beginning.
  • Rota: Tropical island with an evil creature
  • Crag Peak: A large island stronghold of the evil empire

Rebuild the world!

  • With the help of your villagers you can restore your villages. Build houses, schools, altars and more to make your villages grow.
  • Use conduits to channel prayer power to power certain buildings

Defend against evil!

  • Enemies will launch attacks on adjacent villages. They kidnap children, burn fields and storehouses, destroy buildings, and more.
  • Evil creatures will join these attacks bringing an even larger challenge
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


Intel I7 920 @ 2.67GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia GTX 960