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A little demon determined to escape from a terrible hell!
Jump and dash to the last gate of hell to avoid enemies and obstacles.
The terrible demons who try to stop us from escaping will try to grab us by our ankles
If you rescue the cute cat and clear the challenge, you will definitely escape!
Enjoy immersive stories and boss stage's tense action!
Just remember these two things: jump and dash! You can do it!

Thrilling Platformer

Demon Go maximizes the appeal of 2D Platformer with just running, jumping, and dash.
With precise control, you will be able to feel tremendous fun and fulfillment in the process of arriving at the goal by avoiding various patterns of enemies and obstacles in close timing. Enjoy 5 chapters and 50 unique stages with each theme!

Interesting story

Why did the little demon decide to escape hell? What makes the bosses of each chapter so desperate to block the path of the little demon?
You can solve these questions with a variety of cut scene animations that you can watch while playing games!
Enjoy interesting stories that will sink you deeper into Demon Go's worldview!

Threatening Boss Demons

The boss demons, who keep the end of each chapter and boast extreme difficulty, will come back to haunt you in unexpected ways.
But don't worry too much. If you die countless times, you will definitely find a loophole in the boss devil.
Come on, let's feed the boss devil a full bomb!

Another Fun

It's important to clear the stage, but try to clear 50 challenges and collect the challenge icons!
Challenges that are unlocked under various conditions give you a different kind of fun.
In the process, you will find various charms of Demon Go.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 64bit or later


Intel Core™ Duo or faster

Grafik Kartı:

DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card