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Justin Proulx

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Since the dawn of interstellar travel, humanity has dominated the universe. But all things must come to an end, the universe included. Some look to the gods for solace at the end of time, but even they can offer no peace. Only the most stubborn would attempt to evade such a cataclysmic end, and you happen to be one of them. Travel the galaxy, destroying anything and anyone that might get in the way of your survival. Customize your ship to give you a fighting chance to annihilate threats like aliens, robots and even the gods.

Current Features:
– Unforgiving levels
– ALL enemy equipment is obtainable. That means ships, weapons, thrusters, reactors AND shields. Collect them all!
– Cross-platform multiplayer co-op over your local network (including Wi-Fi)
– Many different ways to complete each level, especially with different ship builds
– Can immediately retry after death, no load screens or other inconveniences
– Force-based controls and simulated gravity!

Upcoming Features:
– Lots more levels, with tons of unique enemies and collectible gear
– An original soundtrack! You can hear a preview in the trailer above
– Dedicated invasion mode (PvP) for multiplayer
– A variety of maps containing objects like alien planets, stars and black holes

I want to make a really fun game, and as a one-man operation, I am looking for constructive feedback from players to help me achieve the best possible result. Tweet me @JustinAlexP with your feature requests, bug reports and comments about the game!
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Windows 10


64-bit CPU

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Integrated Graphics