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Defenders Glory returns to the basics of the Tower Defense genre to redefine them: Simplicity and complexity merge to form a very intuitive and deep gameplay experience, where you can find suitable challenges at any skill level, with very different playstyles.

When playing Defenders Glory, beginners will find themselves trying out new things and learning as they go, whereas veterans can find some of the most strategically profound gameplay experiences in a Tower Defense while trying to beat the harder difficulty levels, all while playing as your preferred Class Race. Each of the Races provides a unique way to play and strategize, allowing for vastly different ways for anyone to play each of the many stages of the game.

The Class Races range from Elven Archers to the Chaos Legion, having not only unique playstyles but being unique in their presentation as well. The stages are also of varying scenery, starting on simple plains, up to dangerous Volcanoes and the shadowy Underworld, each of them presenting specific tracks that test different types of defense strategy, not only having multiple different pathways each, but also exclusive waves per stage, meaning that each and every level of the game is handcrafted to fit its own theme, difficulty and type of challenge.


Elven Archers:

The Elven Archers come from the Forests, Hills and Plains, ready to defend their kingdom. Lately, that Kingdom has been overrun with monsters, and they have taken it personally to repel such creatures back from where they came from.

Specializing in Long Range and Piercing, they easily deal with long tracks and lined-up enemies, but suffer against groups that are too great in quantity, having to rely on their towers being well placed and positioned, so that their abilities may be taken full advantage of.


Since ancient times, the Elementals have maintained the very basis of the world. They are not only living in Nature, as they are essentially Nature itself, alive: The elements which make it, who felt life's breath, and are pretty disturbed by the ruckus happening in the mainlands.

The members of the Elemental faction, Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Earth and Magma, are each a Specialist in their own aspect, but seriously lack versatility. Which means Elementals are pretty good at dealing with simple but intense problems, but must find a way around when faced with multiple, simultaneous, lighter problems. Also, if anything, they excel at dealing with hordes, having the best Collateral Damage in the entirety of Defenders Glory, but suffer with range.


Hailing from the distant Sky Mountains, the Wizards practice their Arcane arts in the hopes of never using them... But it seems the time forever dreaded has come, and they must stop the Monster Invasion.

Being thirsty for knowledge, the Wizards are always eager to learn and improve, persevering through the tough times of being a beginner. Which means that, even though all of them may seem weak at first glance, with upgrades they become absolute masters of what they do. Most of the Wizard Faction specializes in utility spells, with a few of the Mages focusing on pure damage, each of them brings to the table a special way to improve all the others' powers, and that sums up to make an incredibly strong synergy combo.


The Chaos Legion is the Supreme Ruler of the Underworld... Or at least they used to be! The insubordinate rebels who escaped their grasp shall pay for their transgression, so they departed from their unholy lair to crush each and every one that fled from their mighty hands!

Not only they have some of the most powerful creatures at their command, the Chaos Legion also gambles with fate, being empowered by critical strikes, damage multipliers and many other benefits of luck. Although, that very same thing may become their own demise, or perhaps their lack of reach shall suffice for that end.


Each difficulty mode is handcrafted to each player skill. We spent thousands of hours balancing and finding the very best difficulty curve for each mode, so that all players can have a good time playing Defenders Glory. Even within each mode, there's many ways to play the game: You can try and beat the game simply, or avoid the Gold Miner and try to get 3 stars in every stage, perhaps with various different classes (since each is a completely different gameplay experience) or only with your favorite one, or maybe you wanna shoot for the stars and try to reach the highest wave imaginable in Infinite Mode by optimizing your Gold Miners... It doesn't matter HOW you play, but Defenders Glory was carefully crafted to catter to your needs. Let's take a look at each difficulty level and see what they look like!

Normal: Made for beginners, this game mode is really forgiving and allows you to make and focus on almost any strategy, anywhere, as long as it holds some logic, it works. This allows for players to try out new combinations, and prepare and reach far into infinite mode!

Hard: Beginners will need to tighten up their game to beat this one! The Hard Mode does not allow for most simplistic strategies, punishing them accordingly, and making the Infinite Mode harder by having only half the maximum amount of Gold Miners, which means the game can become quite challenging!

Very Hard: A truly challenging game mode, where not even veterans will have an easy time beating. It requires very tight strategy and planning, punishing most suboptimal strategies, requiring that the player truly understands each stage and class to beat them. Recommended only for those who really know their way around Defenders Glory or Tower Defense games in general.

Impossible: This is as hard as it gets. To beat it with 3 stars, it seems like no class race can get through the entire game without frequently finding themselves in super tight situations, that only the most optimal of all strategies can beat. The Archers must fight hard to deal with the hordes, the Elementals may breeze through the hordes but they can never seem to cover all ends, The Wizards may become complete absolute masters of their craft, but it never seems possible to reach that point before losing health (but it is), and the Chaos Legion will find themselves hoping so hard for that one critical hit, that one stun, and never seem to get it. This is for the absolute masters only. Even the Tower Defense Masters can't beat this with ease, surely not all stage / races combinations. In fact, our tests show that it usually take close to literal hundreds of hours to do just that, and even with only one chosen class race it can take nearly the hundreds. It's truly a test of knowledge, optimization, and Mastery of Defenders Glory and Tower Defenses in general.

Access our website ( to find out more about the game, learn new strategies, and get to know your favorite class race!
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