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Hard Six Studios

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We strongly recommend you play Death Bowl with a controller!

Death Bowl is a 2D precision platformer where you race through a deadly obstacle course to compete for the fastest time.
The odds are against you, but with the help of experimental drugs, you just might live to see another day.

The year is 208X. Unregulated corporate power and the uncontrolled spread of disinformation has collapsed democracies around the globe. Authoritarian governments now rule over the once-free world.

Every weeknight, criminals, dissidents, and the unlucky are put through lethal obstacle courses for the amusement of the citizenry.

Approval ratings have never been higher.

Part capital punishment, part TV game show, this is…


  • Race against time in 5 different deadly arenas — Each vast arena has many paths to the finish line. Can you find the fastest?
  • Power up with 3 unique drugs — Go organic for the ultimate challenge or use a corporate-sponsored drug to improve your performance. But be warned: each drug comes with a nasty side-effect.
  • Evade over 10 different deadly obstacles — Each arena is chock full of deadly dangers for the convicted contestant.
  • Compete against your own replay ghost — Each run, see the holo-light projection of your best time on each arena.
  • Share your best time with the world — Steam leaderboards allow you to compete with your friends and all Death Bowl players for the ultimate best time.
  • Earn top ratings — Take the challenge further by grabbing hard-to-reach collectibles to improve your rating. Can you get 5 stars on every arena?
  • Learn the lore of Death Bowl — Discover the world of 208X, a dystopian future of cheap entertainment and cheaper brutality.
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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10

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128 MB