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Cyndefense 2 is a well crafted, hardcore, tower defense game. While there are easier modes for those who want casual game-play, the game will test your ability to manage your resources and rely on superb tower placement in order to be capable of beating harder maps.

While there is no obvious story or goal other than to beat the final wave, there are some hidden bits of lore you can learn throughout the game. You are the Tower Master of this world and will use all your defenses to stop the Last Bastion's minions from initiating the Incyneration, which would lead to the ultimate destruction of your world.

You can fight across 8 atmospheric maps, one of which is only unlocked after having completed all other maps in the hardest difficulty, each with their own unique song/song style, and obtain Victory Gems for beating each one. You have 8 unique towers to choose from with most of them having 25 completely unique and intriguing upgrades. If that's not good enough then you can earn Tokens from completing each map, which you can then use to unlock a brand new difficulty, or to purchase any of 8 extremely powerful Powers.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Minimum Windows XP SP3 Operating System. Supports Vista, 7 , 8 and Windows 10


200 Mhz Pentium processor or higher

Grafik Kartı:

Must support minimum of Direct3D 11


256 MB RAM