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Creepy Mahjong is a dark theme Mahjong solitaire with a twist.
Levels follow a story, but each time you play, the story might be different.
Completing some levels or failing to, will bring you to a different path of levels to explore.

In each level, you have to fight a monster, and with the pass of time, your life reduces.
Each time a pair of tiles is removed, you get back some health.
If you get stuck and your health isn't too low, you can escape and get a new monster to fight with, but be careful because your health is carried from one level to another either if you win or escape.

To bring you more into the creepy mood, this game purposely has no hints or shuffle, and some levels might not be solvable due to the random tile placement.
It's up to you to figure out and decide when it's time to escape and try to find another match or keep fighting.

Create and Share your own Levels

Purchasing Creepy Mahjong, you will also get access to a Level Editor where you can create your own design.
After designing your level you will obtain a code that you can use to share it with your friends and community.

Share your creations with your friends for an endless challenge!


Mouse (+ Keyboard for shortcuts)
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


Intel Pentium B970 2.3Gz