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CozyTyper is a new take on the typing game genre. By focusing on accuracy above all else, CozyTyper removes the pressure of a ticking clock and lets you focus on learning the muscle memory, through which you will naturally gain speed!

In order to simulate the most natural typing experience, in CozyTyper you type out full quotes sourced from games, movies, novels, famous speeches and more. As you progress through the difficulties, the quotes get longer and more technical to push your touch typing to the next level!

Anita has been an enthusiast typist ever since she received her first IBM Selectric back it ’67. Now that she has retired, she worked with her grandson to help bring her teaching technique to anyone willing to learn. Enroll in her course to and watch your stats improve! She sends you progress reports along the way so you can see your improvement in real-time. As you progress through the story, at the end of each in-game day, all of your successfully completed quotes will be unlocked for endless play in the Freeplay game mode. At the end of each in-game week you will also unlock bonus quotes at that level.

Freeplay mode allows you to practice quotes without the structure of the course, while still recording and updating your stats. You can have freeplay select between any of your unlocked quotes, or you can have it only select a specific difficulty from the settings menu.

In this page you can find graphs displaying the accuracy and words per minute of your latest quotes, as well as your daily progress reports from story mode.

Cozytyper comes with 3 different typing cursors, and 3 different typing modes. You can use either of the two color presets, of choose your own colors, to adjust the text highlighting to what works best for you!

imophi is a small game studio started by two friends with a deep passion for game development. We are so excited to bring our first game, CozyTyper, to anyone who might enjoy it. We have refined this game after a great deal of tester feedback, and look forward to continuing that work to make CozyTyper the best it can be. Thanks for taking the time to consider our game, and we hope you love it as much as we do!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10 or newer


2 Ghz

Grafik Kartı:

256 mb video memory