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CAUTION: The game is in early access stage. We're still working on new, promising mechanics and features for the game. Please, give us a chance to make the game better and watch our progress on it! In case of any questions, please contact us. Thanks!

A fresh breeze of air enters the overcrowded and polluted city of the Earth. The technologically advanced humanity starts looking for other planets to conquer. Now that the Earth is depleted of its resources, we're looking for them elsewhere. The Universe is open for us now - and it cannot hide any secrets. Looking up into the skies, humanity sees their promising future - growth and prosperity.

Welcome to Cosmos Conquer, a tycoon science fiction indie game.

Humanity has been growing for centuries and will continue to do so for milleniums to come. Our Earth will not be enough - stars are awaiting for conquer.
In Cosmos Conquer, you are growing the humankind, help it advance, explore and expand to other parts of the universe. Lead humanity to greatness and reach the borders of the universe and control it all.


  • Unique Progression - many varying and unique levels throughout the game progression - you will find yourself in different environments, in need to adapt each time to the new, incredible size you have to comprehend and conquer!
  • Structures System - conquer various celestial bodies and construct required infrastructure to grow and develop the planet! With this system, you will be able to build many different buildings with various purposes.
  • Technologies and Projects - Technological advancement is important! With this system, you will be able to progress in the game further. It will be your best friend for growth! There are many unique technologies and projects to discover!
  • And More... - Let the game develop and suggest your feedback! The game is definitely interesting, but it can be even more.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 64-bit


Intel Pentium Dual Core

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GeForce MX150