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City Air Battle is a flight shooting game with simple operation and innovative gameplay modes. In the game, you will fly a fighter between the city's skyscrapers, using missiles, machine guns, rockets and collisions to destroy enemy planes invading the city, bring you the unique experience of city air battle.

In the game, players can control 8 different fighters, 3 fighters can be used by default, and there are 5 fighters waiting to be unlocked after players earn points in the game. Each fighter has different control, shooting and defense capabilities, and you can unlock the most suitable fighter to challenge a certain level.

There are more than 60 kinds of enemy planes in the game, including fighter planes, armed helicopters, large transport planes and bombers, etc, all are classic airplanes in the real world.

The game contains 6 cities, all modeled according to the real large city(Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York), every building and street is the same as reality.

Major modes of the game:

Collision mode

Maneuver the fighter to hit enemy plane at high speed while avoiding buildings. The shorter the task time, the higher the score. It can challenge your flight skills, and also let you experience the pleasure of flying at high speed between skyscrapers.

Machine gun mode

Follow and get close to the target as much as possible, and then use machine guns to attack. The higher the hit rate, the higher the score.

Fight mode

Flexibly control the flight direction of fighter and the angle of weapon launch, and use missiles, machine guns to destroy the enemy plane shuttling between cities. Destroy the high-value targets of the enemy (large transport aircraft, bombers, early warning aircraft, etc.) will double the scores. Players need to fly the fighter among high-rise buildings to avoid the enemy's machine gun attack, and use flexible steering to avoid missiles.

Rocket mode

Use powerful rockets to destroy all enemy planes, and a few rockets can blow the enemy planes into pieces. In this mode, players can use unlimited rockets to bombard enemy planes. The more enemies destroyed in the specified time, the higher the score will be.

Cannon mode

Fire cannonballs to the enemy plane, each cannonball will destroy an enemy plane. Players must predict the flight route of the enemy plane, lock the target and shoot accurately in order to give the enemy a fatal blow. The higher the hit rate, the higher the score will be. It is a great test of players' flying and shooting skills.
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2.00 GHz

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Intel HD Graphics 520