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Try not to lose your sanity in this 3D physics-based rage game! If you ever get to the end (where there's someone waiting for you) you will be able to compete with the community for who's the fastest at beating the game!

  • Shoot the chicken from one cannon to another, control direction and power!
  • Adjust your trajectory mid-air by flapping your wings, or try to roll on the ground to reach the next cannon!
  • Golden cannons are checkpoints! Reach them to secure your current progress!
  • Reset to the last checkpoint if you can't manage to get to the next cannon!
  • Explore the map freely! Look for golden eggs (and easter eggs)!

Recommend this game to your worst enemy to get the best results!

The game may contain bugs and/or cause extreme anger, you have been warned.

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Windows 10 or above