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Chess: The Lost Pieces

A chess game with deck building. The new pieces aren't just "queen that moves like a knight too." sort of stuff.
- Use a pawn that needs to be charged to move,
- a rook that needs to jump over pieces to capture,
- a knight that gets more mobile the longer it stays on the board,
- a bishop that moves off the board and ends up on the other side,
- a queen that captures its capturer when it get gets captured, or
- a king that can swap places with its queen or queen class piece!

- Use 30+ new and unique chess pieces to defeat opponents
- Make your own chess piece deck, and battle against friends or strangers
- A randomised roguelike story mode to unlock even more pieces
- 30 puzzles with the new pieces to sharpen your skills

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Windows 7, 8, or 10

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85 MB available space