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In this strategic card game, you battle with adorable yet quirky cats!
The rules are similar to mahjongg and poker, with a new tactical sense you'll love!
Even though the rules are simple, the game is surprisingly deep, so the battle of wits and psychological strategies are so fun!

The basic objective is a build stronger three-card hands than your opponent's.

However, cards are dealt one at a time back each round.
In addition, battles can progress simultaneously in multiple locations.

As a result, the strategy is not so simple as building a single strong hand.
"My opponent's hand seems stronger here, so I'll give up this battle."
"I'll put together a hand that can just barely beat my opponent and hang onto my other cards."
These are just some of the different tactics you can employ!
(*Note: For more information about the rules, see the "How to Play" section within the game.)

You can also use "special cards" with unique effects to turn the tables!

[Game Modes]
Includes two different game modes, "Naughty Mode", which is a quick and simple game with more elements of luck, and "Yakuza Mode" which is a more advanced battle of wits challenge that requires more than luck alone to win!

[Online Battle]
Your opponent is another player somewhere in the world!
This game offers unlimited battling against other players all over the world!
It also features a cute cat stamp function for sending messages back and forth!

[Rates and Rankings]
Features a ranking system: win and your rank goes up, lose and it goes down!
Aim for the top in winning rates and total victories against players all over the world!

[Friend Battles]
We recommend using the friend battles function to play with your friends!
If you invite them to a game, it'll be even more fun!

[Cross-Platform (Cross-Play) Compatible]
You can also play with users on different platforms!

*Note: Any user found to have committed the following types of actions may have a part or all game functionality restricted.
・Inconveniencing or causing unpleasantness for others
・Slandering others or violating standards of decency
・Fraudulent actions such as intentionally modifying the game
・Sharing personal information
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