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A horror mystery adventure game with ghost story elements. Anxiety plagues college student Lily, whose crush Sally has gone missing. As Lily explores the truth, Sally's boyfriend starts to look increasingly suspicious. Even worse, the story of the Cannibal Boy seems to be involved somehow...


Immersive camerawork in 2.5D
This game features 2.5D camerawork for more immersive exploration.

Gather clues to discover the truth
Investigate objects and talk with NPCs to advance the plot and discover the truth about Sally's disappearance.

Three possible endings
What destiny Lily and Sally will face depends on the choices made by the player.

Adapted from the records of TRPG sessions
This story is substantially adapted from TRPG sessions that the developer played with friends. The TRPG script was originally "首切り様" [Ms. Beheader] by "マリコロ" [Marikoro]. This adaptation has been made with consent from Marikoro.


A female college student. She has a crush on her best friend, Sally.
"I find Sally!"

A missing female college student. She had just recently gotten a boyfriend.
"My boyfriend is hiding some secrets from me..."

Sally's Boyfriend
He claims to have lost his memory. Even Sally didn't know his background.
"I'm Sally's boyfriend. Now...and always."

Brucie and Jade
The exorcist duo who helps to find Sally. They don't seem like good guys...
"Being "good" isn't going to save anyone."

Cannibal Boy
An "evil spirit" from a ghost story. He rips his victims' heads off with his teeth.
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Windows® 8.1/10/11 (64bit)

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575 MB available space