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Carrier Commander is a real-time strategy game which allows you choose the intensity of your gameplay. You can just manage your Aircraft Carrier Operations against incoming attacks or intensify your game play by directly engaging the enemy by controlling your own Jets, Destroyer's, Rescue Helicopters and more. The choice is yours Commander!

Control your own UH-60 Helicopter and Rescue downed pilots shot down in battle - JUST COMPLETED and Updated into current Game for PC and MAC's
Please view the DISCUSSIONS section of this game in the Community Hub to see completed and upcoming additions to the game.

Carrier Operations:
> Purchase - Configure - Launch - Land - Refuel: Your F/A-18C Fighters into the skies to battle against incoming Enemy Aircraft, Ships and Submarines.
> Upgrade your AA Defenses to Fire Multiple Shells or Increase Reloading Speed but choose wisely as upgrades do not come cheap.
> Configure your Destroyer's with various Deck Cannons, Torpedo's, AA rockets, Short Range Sonar & Radar.
> Launch your Hawkeye Aircraft to provide Long Range Sonar and Radar for visual warnings on enemy advancements.
> Launch your 0H-58D attack helicopters to engage in close encounters with approaching enemies.
> Manage your assets properly to survive or pay the ultimate price!

F18 and Destroyer Operations:
> Intensify your engagement against the enemy by Flying your own F18 fighter or take control of your Destroyer's and annihilate incoming threats.
> Launch your F18 into the skies using guns, unguided and guided rockets, bombs and destroy incoming planes, ships and submarines.
> Take Control of your destroyer to search and destroy incoming submarines, destroyer's, battleships and enemy jets.

The money you earn each Level is used as your starting funds for the next round of challenges. Therefore, limiting your purchasing of Fighter Jets and Upgrades greatly improves your starting funds for the next level.

Random AI generators ensure No two games are the same when playing CARRIER COMMANDER
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10 (x64)


Intel i7 or above

Grafik Kartı:

Geoforce GTX 770 or above

Depolama Alanı:

2 GB available space